GOFAR 2 Project

to better the livelihoods of people

The GOFAR 2 project is a USAID funded project being implemented in Gokwe North District. The goals of this project is to better the livelihoods of people in Gokwe through livestock breed improvement, rehabilitation of water sources and through empowerment in form of activities such as village loans associations.

Example template 1: Comprehensive Education Project in Gokwe North

The Comprehensive Education Project (CEP) is working with satellite primary schools in rural Gokwe
North. Satellite schools are schools established to reduce children’s walking distances to school, an are often without infrastructure, often characterized by pole and mud huts as classrooms and teacher accommodation. The CEP is therefore working to improve the learning environment for 1,800 children by constructing school infrastructure, and the provision of safe and comfortable classroom furniture. The project is also constructing teachers’ housing and administration offices to allow for the registration of these schools as fully fledged schools and exam centres. The project also assisted in identifying disadvantaged out of school children and offered them with a second chance to education. These children were provided with uniforms, stationery, and a conducive learning environment. To support the sustainability of these initiatives the project also supported the establishment of school poultry projects aimed at generating income for the schools.