Lean Season Assistance

an emergency response to drought

Start and end date: August 2020- April 2021

Project Location (District): Zvishavane, Binga & Gweru

The Lean Season Assistance (LSA) programme is an emergency response to drought related food insecurity in rural Zimbabwe. Currently assisting highly food insecure beneficiaries in three drought prone districts (Binga, Zvishavane and Gweru). Households are selected through a participatory community led targeting process facilitated by ADRA after mobilizing communities through the local leadership. During these gatherings, the villages came up with local household food insecurity indicators which they use as a basis of ranking and selection of the most food insecure beneficiaries. The selected households include women, men, children under five, orphans and the elderly. Registered households receive monthly food rations of 7.5kg cereal, 1.5kg pulses and 0.75 kg vegetable oil per individual in the household for them to meet their daily energy needs(2100kcal) for survival.